Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel tank monitoring

Many vehicle telematics and stationary object monitoring systems provide fuel tank monitoring feature. Quite often, fuel level measurement is one of the core fleet’s requirements to GPS vehicle tracking system for trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. Moreover, information on fuel volume fill ups and fuel draining volumes from tank or storage is useful for telematics systems

Precise Fuel Monitoring System
  • Perfect Solution to Prevent Fuel Theft, Diesel Tank Drain & DG sets monitoring.
  • Solution suitable for Dual Fuel Tank vehicles.
  • Advanced Fuel Level Sensor Technology.
  • 98% Fuel Level Sensor Accuracy.
  • Available in Android and iOS Mobile App.

Salient Features of Our Fuel Monitoring System

Mobile App Monitoring

Monitor the vehicle fuel tank with our mobile application or by web application real time.

Instant Alert Notifications

You will get regular alert notifications via app notifications for all actions taking place in the fuel tank monitoring system.

Idle Time Reduction

Reduce the Vehicle idling time to increase the vehicle performance and reduce cost.

Fuel Theft Prevention

Prevent unnecessary fuel theft with our advanced fuel sensor for trucks technology to reduce the loss by fraudulent attempts.

Fuel Mileage Analysis

Get the complete report on the fuel mileage analysis of every individual vehicle in your fleet.

Fuel Level Sensor Overview

fuel level sensor is a device which is specially designed to make the precise measurement of the fuel level of commercial vehicle tanks. these fuel level monitoring system sensor measurements combined with GPS fuel tracking devices and telematics platform.

  • Fuel Refilling
  • Fuel Theft Prevention
  • Fuel Drains and Refills
  • Fuel Consumption 
  • Average Fuel Consumption Per(mile,km,mpg)

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